How can Solar Batteries reduce your energy bills?

Solar batteries are the perfect addition to your solar panel system! Additional savings and greater self-sufficiency are just two positives that solar batteries can bring to your home. Below we explain how solar batteries can complement solar panels and ultimately make your home more renewable.

Solar batteries come in all shapes and sizes and it is ultimately down to how much energy you use/need to store and your budget that will affect which is the right one for you. We supply and install batteries on their own or as part of a combined solution with solar panels.

Solar batteries allow you to store energy that is generated from your solar panels to be used at a later date or time. If you have solar panels but aren’t home during the day, much of this power will be being fed back to the grid. This is where your battery comes in to play. The battery allows you to store this energy to use when you need it most and when tariff prices are at their highest.

But, you dont require solar panels to effectively use batteries. Batteries can be used on their own to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. Batteries allow you to purchase grid energy when it’s at it’s cheapest (off peak) and store the energy to be used during peak times.

Energy providers such as Octopus offer tariffs that are built specifically for this reason. We can support with changing energy provider and also setting this up to work effortlessly with your system.

Many battery manufacturers and energy providers offer apps for mobile and tablet to be able to control your system at the push of a button. You can also monitor usage, check tariff prices and set your system to work at the times you want.

Our battery solutions can usually be installed in 1 day and all come with a warranty. We are also accredited by HIES who are a consumer protection organisation covering the installation of renewable energy products and systems.

We can help in your search and our renewable energy experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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