Top tips on why you should buy Solar Panels

We are going to explain to you the reasons why you should buy solar panels, why they are so important in this generation and why you should let us help you install them today. We will be stating interesting facts you may not know about solar panels and how they can help you and your family now and in the future.

How does it work?

Solar panels are a safe and easy way to contribute to a well grounded future. Solar energy depends on gathering energy from the sun and converting it into electricity that is stored and supplied all around your home. For example when you want to put the TV on or your household lights on this activity is generated from the sun through your solar panels that are reducing your average bills you pay every month significantly.

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Helping the environment:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Does not pollute the environment
  • Does not release any greenhouse gases

Reduces electricity bill costs:

  • Sunlight is free, only pay for the solar panels and to have them installed
  • Saving money each month on electricity bills. (In London the average estimated saving per year is up to -£240)

Improves grid security:

  • Less likely to experience blackouts and brownouts
  • Solar cells installed provide greater electricity grid security
  • Decreases transmission congestion and reduces line loss

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Common questions:

Q- On not so sunny days will they still generate sunlight?

A- Yes, they still consume sunlight on cloudy days. However, during evenings, you’ll be using electricity from the mains.

Q- Why should I buy solar panels?

A- Helps save the environment from pollution, helps you save money on your monthly electricity bills and avoids potential blackouts and brownouts in the future.

Q- How many solar panels do I need?

A- It’s all depending on the number of households energy consumption, sun hours and roof size.

(The more solar panels you have the more energy is powered to generate your home)

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